Welcome to the Preschool Room

Your child has been growing and learning since birth. This growth and learning will continue during your child's preschool years; ages 3, 4 and 5. Our appropriate preschool program provides many opportunities for children to develop their own interests and to learn to work cooperatively with others. Preschool children are at a stage of initiative - and benefit most - when they can explore and pursue activities that they select on their own.

You will see that our classroom is divided into attractive and inviting interest areas that offer children a range of activity choices. Areas set aside for books, computer, art or table top toys provide opportunities for quieter play. Areas set aside for dramatic play, block building or gross motor activities provide opportunities for active play. Sometimes children want to work alone; at other times they prefer to be part of a small group. When the children can work successfully with each other, it supports the development of social competence which is an underlying goal of our preschool program. This social competence is also a prerequisite for kindergarten readiness.

During the day we will have a small circle time, sing songs, recite finger plays, have jobs to do, paint, write, go outside and have a story read to us or read our own story and play, play, PLAY! Free play is an integral part of our day. During free play the child has to problem solve, make choices, cooperate, communicate and share. These are all learning experiences that your child will use in the future to become a successful, healthy and happy school student. Play is a valuable preschool learning experience.

A community preschool is available for 2.5 hours per day (8:30am - 11:00am). Parents may choose a 2, 3, 4 or 5 day week.

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